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41. P 18
third most dominant species on the site ( ) and was ... likely that other species of Polytrichum more characteristic of ... 1996) Other moss species characteristic of heathlands which
BEHALF OF The Woodland Education Centre is a Forestry Commission Site managed by the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust, Charity 1000198 Please note that each of these surveys has
43. Contents and links to Offwell Wetland Survey pages
and after restoration. Plant species lists from the surveys plus a ... of selected wetland species. The zones in The Wetland ... images and plant species lists. Methods and Results
44. Biodiversity and Woodland Structure
created by such variable factors as: The species of tree which the rotting wood was derived from. The length of ... wood and hence also the specific species of fungi, bacteria, plants
45. P 17
Heathland Project Other Heath Species on the Project Site left: St ... project site. (These species are marked with an asterisk ... abundance ( ). Other heath species occurring on the site
46. P 19
Project Report Heath Species Distribution on the Project Site The distribution of species across the project site is ... will affect which species colonise a particular region.
47. Introducing Habitats by Dr Barbara Corker
occupied by a species or a community of species, such as a woodland. A ... particular ecosystem, different species will occupy different 'niches'. ... When two species occupy the
48. PH2sumP4
of tree species already present on ... seedlings of species such as Foxglove ... variations in species composition and individual species density. 17. Twelve species of bryophytes
49. contents
Description of the wet woodland area Survey methods Species list and links to species information sheets The contents of this website are copyright 1998/9 & 2000/1/2. Individuals
50. Adaptations of totally submerged, floating and swamp plants.
may be entirely dispensed with (e.g. Bladderwort). Many species have very specialised leaf shapes. The submerged leaves are often highly dissected or divided. This has the

51. Results & Discussion Wood proj
A total of 24 species were recorded on the site (Table 1). Only 12 of these species were found in the areas covered by ... Table 1). Twenty two species were found in Section 3. Of
52. PH2conclusions
a 42% increase in species diversity on the project site. This increase ... observed increase in species diversity is due in part to new species rapidly colonizing the cleared
53. Wood Proj Phase2 Summary Page3
minor modifications. 9. Species diversity on the project site ... The increase in species diversity is largely related to ... the increase in species diversity was merely a
54. P 20
Heathland Project Report Plant Species Diversity on the Project Site left ... Anemones, a woodland species, can still be found on ... large number of species recorded on the project
55. New Page 1
16 year olds. LIST OF ACTIVITIES - CONTINUED Activity Outline ... innumerable examples of species which can be used to ... globe? Competition between species. Succession. What happens on
56. Biodiversity - Information - Surveys - Articles & Links.
in the galaxy than of species exist on earth. 1.4 million species have actually been named and described. Britain has ... than 20,000 insect species in Britain, of which 2,500
57. Heath Report Summary Detail
Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust Promoting the British Countryside The Woodland Education Centre Heathland Project Report - Summary Summary points left: This former area of
58. P 16
on the development of other species, considerably altering such factors as microclimate and available ... is small and other species of vascular plants reach their greatest
59. Methods
Within each 20m square, the number of individual trees of different species was directly counted. Chalk was used to mark each tree as it was counted, to ensure that they were not
60. Tree Survey Method
areas, trees of each species were counted. These results were then expressed ... tallest tree of each species in an area, its height was ... the mature tree species was recorded in the

61. (Unsaved Publication)
to the soil. Different species are also to be found all over ... are yet more species of algae, microfungi, mosses and ... as 350 different species of invertebrates are associated
62. PH2treeSpecies
Phase 2 Survey Report Tree Species The dominant tree species on the project site is Silver Birch. Other ... Phase 2 CONTENTS Results List of Tables & Illustrations The contents of
63. Detailed Methods Add Info
line. The plant species inside the quadrat were identified ... because it measures species abundance across a narrow band ... of other plant species occurring outside the transect
64. Information on coal tits in a wet woodland.
ater Appearance The smallest tit species, grey-blue above, with a double white wingbar. The ... of insects to eat. This species was mostly seen feeding with other tits and
65. Wd P Phase 2 Summ Page2
found to have a species diversity nearly double that of the areas ... Many of these species were mosses. Plate 2. The ... 2 CONTENTS Results List of Tables & Illustrations The
66. PH2seed4
Categories Seedlings of several other species were also found on the project site, although in ... Density of less common species Small indeterminate seedlings which may have been
67. Information on wood warblers in a wet woodland.
song. The wet woodland is very good habitat for this species. The contents of this website l are copyright 1998/9 & 2000/01. Individuals are granted permission to reproduce any
68. Ph2summary
1). A few other tree species such as Oak, Holly, Mountain Ash and Willow, were ... Project Phase 2 CONTENTS Results List of Tables & Illustrations The contents of this website
69. Information on mistle thrushes in a wet woodland.
survey took place. There are many breeding areas for this species nearby. Family flocks of Mistle Thrushes pass through many places to feed. The contents of this website l are
70. Information on pheasants in a wet woodland.
the male is highly variable due to introduction of sub-species, but the common, standard male has brown, spotted black upperparts with a long brown, barred black tail. The head

71. P 33
to help with initial plant species identifications on the project site. Mark Pool, the Devon ... mosses and also supplied a species list of mosses he found on the heathland site
72. Fungus Foray
Countryside Fungus Foray Over 200 species of fungi have been recorded at the Woodland Education Centre. The species list can be found . Several fungus forays are held
73. Information on song thrushes in a wet woodland.
outside of the wet woodland.There is no reason why this species wasn't recorded inside the wet woodland area feeding or singing. The contents of this website l are copyright
74. PH2seedlings
been brought nearer to the surface. The seeds of some species require light for germination, so if they were brought to the surface by raking, this may have further promoted
75. P 9B
mean percentage cover of plant species found in different sections of the project site in ... the individual section spreadsheets. ( ) SPECIES COMMON NAME MOSSES Section Numbers 1 2
76. The Wetland Area Restoration - An introduction
for the Wetland Area. Botanical species of the Wetland Area conducted in July 1991, shortly ... includes charts, diagrams, transects, species lists and analysis. The contents of this
77. Methods used for the wetland survey 2
maximum height of each plant species inside the quadrats was estimated and measured respectively. The ... survey. However, a partial species list was made for the open water area.
78. wetland survey details and interactive diagram
region. There are also plant species lists individual to each particular location in the wetland ... zone, together with a plant species list specific to that zone. For a map
79. The importance of fungi
directly as food for humans. Many mushrooms are edible and different species are cultivated for sale worldwide. While this is a very small proportion of the actual food that we
80. Appendix A
the tree. Someone else should then read off the angle made by the plumb line on the protractor (Z). Woodland Project Phase 2 CONTENTS Results List of Tables & Illustrations

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