The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Song Thrush       Turdus philomelos

Appearance A medium-sized thrush with brown above, white neatly spotted with black below and a creamy yellowish wash on the breast. 
Size:22-24cm High
Voice A variety of repeated phrases, chuk alarm call.
Habitat Gardens, heaths, woods and fields.
Food Worms, snails, insects and berries.
Breeding Habits 4-6 eggs in a neat cup-like nest in a tree or bush.  Incubation takes 11-15 days and fledging takes 12-16 days.  2-3 broods per year; March-June.
Location in Wet Woodland This bird was heard only once, singing briefly just outside of the wet woodland.There is no reason why this species wasn't recorded inside the wet woodland area feeding or singing.   


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