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Seedlings of several other species were also found on the project site, although in much lower densities than those previously mentioned. Foxglove seedlings were common, particularly in Square 3 (Figures 11 and 9C). Mature Foxglove plants were present in this area providing a local source of seeds in this region. Foxglove seedlings were also found in lower numbers in Square 1 (Figure 11), but were absent elsewhere.


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Figure 11. Seedling Density of less common species


Small indeterminate seedlings which may have been either grass or sedge seedlings were fairly common in Squares 1 and 2 (Figures 11 & 9 A & B). Numerous sedge plants have become established in Area 3, while only one grass plant (Yorkshire Fog) has been observed over the whole project site. It is therefore likely that these seedlings were sedges rather than grasses.They were rare or absent in Squares 3 and 4 (Figure 11).

Seedlings of both Mountain Ash (Rowan) and Ash occurred on the project site. Mature Mountain Ash trees were present over much of the site to provide a source of seed, while mature Ash trees were absent. Lacking a local source of seed on the Woodland Project site, very few Ash seedlings were found.

The location of the greatest numbers of Mountain Ash seedlings did not correspond with the highest density of the mature trees (Figures 11 and 12). Again, birds are involved in the seed dispersal as they eat the berries. The greatest number of seedlings were found in Squares 2 and 4 (Figure 11), both of which are adjacent to the large concentration of mature trees in Square 3 (Figure 12).

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Figure 12. Density and Distribution of Mature Mountain Ash


Small numbers of other seedlings such as Bramble, Ivy, Honeysuckle and Gorse also occurred on the project site, together with ferns such as Bracken and immature specimens of Hard Fern.


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