Woodland Project Phase 2 Survey Report



The Woodland Project was initiated in November 1998, in order to clear a woodland area dominated by dense,essentially sterile Rhododendron undergrowth. The main aim is to restore the area to a diverse native woodland through natural regeneration and proactive management. The project is funded through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme, with Devon County Council as the Landfill Tax Operator. It is part of an ongoing program of restoration of the area known as The Woodland Education Centre.

An initial survey was carried out in November, before clearance, to document the vegetation then present on the site. There was an almost total absence of ground flora under the Rhododendron canopy at this point, due to the extremely low light levels. Light penetration under the canopy was often much less than 10% of full daylight. The other main components of the vegetation were trees such as Silver Birch, Holly, Oak and Willow, which had grown above the level of the Rhododendron before it became completely dominant.

Clearance of the Rhododendron from the Woodland Project site has now been completed. Underlying toxic Rhododendron leaf litter has been removed as far as possible by raking it off and burning it. This operation has been carried out more than once in order to remove as much as possible of the remaining fibrous matting overlying the soil.


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Plate 6.
Cutting and burning rhododendron.



Woodland Project Phase 2




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