Woodland Project Phase 2 Survey Report

Tree Species

The dominant tree species on the project site is Silver Birch. Other trees such as Oak, Mountain Ash, Holly and Willow were also present in low densities (Between 1-3 trees per 20m square, or 0.05 - 0.15 individuals per m2. Many of the Silver Birch trees were very poor spindly specimens as a result of continuous competition with the original Rhododendron undergrowth. These have now been thinned out to leave only the best specimens.


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Plate 12.
Tall thin poor quality Birch in need of thinning


The density of Silver Birch on the project site has therefore decreased relative to the initial survey ( Figure 3), while the mean girth of the remaining trees is now greater (Figure 4). The change in density is most noticeable in the area of Square 1, where the Silver Birch was initially most dense (Figure 3).


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Figure 3. Silver Birch Density

Figure 4. Silver Birch - Mean Girth


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