The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Common Pheasant       Phasianus colchicus

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Appearance A widespread, ground-dwelling game bird. The plumage of the male is highly variable due to introduction of sub-species, but the common, standard male has brown, spotted black upperparts with a long brown, barred black tail. The head and neck is green with a red patch around the eye, breast and belly brown, spotted black. The female is buffy, heavily speckled black above and on sides. When disturbed the bird often flies or runs to cover.
Size: The male is 75-90cm tall. The female is 52-64cm
Voice Male has far carrying kok...kok-kok.
Habitat Heaths, forests and fields.
Food Shoots, seeds and berries.
Breeding Habits 7-15 eggs in a hollow on the ground.  Incubation takes 23-27 days and fledging takes 12-14 days. 
1 brood per year; April-June.
Location in Wet Woodland It was heard once just outside the wet woodland.  It may well be seen in the wet woodland area.


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