The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Wood Warbler       Phylloscopus sibilatrix

Appearance This bird is easy to confuse with a chiff chaff. It is larger than a chiffchaff, greener above and yellower on the breast, wing and head, and is also pure white below. It has an obvious yellowish eyebrow with a dark eyestripe. The legs are pale. The song flight on fluttering wings below the tree canopy is quite distinctive. 
Size: 12-13cm tall
Voice Call is a peu, flight song starts peu-peu, accelerates into a rapid trill.
Habitat Heaths and woods.
Food Insects.
Breeding Habits 6-7 eggs in a dome nest on the ground.  Incubation takes 13 days and fledging takes 11-12 days. 
1 brood per year; May-June.
Location in Wet Woodland It was heard a few months before the survey took place, but was not heard during the survey, as the survey took place outside the song period.  It is usually only located visually in the tree tops after it has attracted your attention by its song.
The wet woodland is very good habitat for this species.


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