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Ecological Surveys 1996 - 1998

Plant Species Diversity on the Project Site

Wood Anemone - Anemone nemorosa. Plant species diversity was higher on the project site than would normally be expected for a dry heath community.

Heathland floras tend to lack diversity, particularly in the drier areas. The relatively large number of species (90) recorded on the project site is a reflection of the fact that the site is in transition.

It is in the pioneer stage of establishment of heathland, when diversity tends to be higher because Heather plants are small and not well-established enough to exclude other vegetation. The site was also still influenced by its original wooded cover, particularly through the seedbank remaining in the soil.

This continuing influence is reflected in the woodland species still occurring commonly on the site. These included Wood Anemone (left), Bluebell, Wood Sorrel and Wood Sedge. The remaining adjacent woodland is also a further source of tree seedlings such as Silver Birch, Cherry, Sycamore, Holly and Oak .


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Ecological Surveys 96 - 98