The Wet Woodland Bird Survey



Mistle Thrush       Turdus viscivorus

Appearance The largest of the thrushes. The upperparts are a buffy grey-brown with pale edges to the flight feathers. The underparts are white, heavily spotted black.  In undulating flight, it shows a grey-brown rump and white corners to the tail. 
Size: 26-28cm tall
Voice Loud tuk-tuk call, has a dry, rattling, chuckle, blackbird-like, fluty song, but faster.
Habitat Gardens, heaths, woods, fields and hedges.
Food Berries, worms and insects.
Breeding Habits 4-5 eggs in a cup-like nest in a fork of a tree.  Incubation takes 12-15 days and fledging takes 20 days. 
2 broods per year; March-May.
Location in Wet Woodland A family group was seen in the tree tops a couple of weeks before the survey took place. There are many breeding areas for this species nearby.  Family flocks of Mistle Thrushes pass through many places to feed.


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