The Wet Woodland Bird Survey


Coal Tit       Parus ater

Appearance The smallest tit species, grey-blue above, with a double white wingbar. The underparts greyish white, crown and bib glossy black. A white patch on the back of head distinguishes it from other woodland tits.   Size:10.5-11.5cm
Voice High-pitched zee-zee-zee, also a repeated weecho-weecho-weecho.
Habitat Woods, hedges, heaths and gardens.
Food Insects and seeds.
Breeding Habits 7-9 eggs in a cup like nest in a tree hole.  Incubation takes 14-18 days and fledging takes 16-19 days.  
2 broods per year; April-May 
Location in Wet Woodland Seen at the Mound, cherry, stony, wet and oak areas.  These regions contain many trees which hold lots of insects to eat. This species was mostly seen feeding with other tits and small birds in mixed flocks near the tree canopy.


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