Birds seen at The Woodland Education Centre
February 2007

Records courtesy of Rosemary Tilbury

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Male Blackbird Coal Tit

Male Blackbird

Coal Tit



Long-tailed tit Monument Pond area.
Great tit Lake Classroom area. Log Cabin area. Glow-worm rise area.
Blue tit Small flocks, most areas.
Coal tit Kingfisher Pond area. Back of Lake Classroom.
Marsh tit Around the Leat. Back of Lakeside Classroom. Wooden steps area to Log Cabin.
Woodpigeon Maple Walk area. Log Cabin area. Near main entrance.
Blackbird Most areas of woodland.
Robin Most areas of woodland.
Wren Mostly Monument Pond and Dragonfly Pond areas.
Chaffinch Beech Walk.
Pheasant Main entrance area.
Moorhen 2, on the Lake. 1, Wetlands near the Hide. 1, on Kingfisher Pond.
Mallard (1 Male, 2 Female) on Lake.
Jay Beech Walk area.
Rook Flying around woodland.
Goldcrest Beech Walk. Dragonfly Pond area. Monument Pond area.
Nuthatch 6+ in Beech trees, Beech Walk.
Song thrush Glow-worm rise area.
Redwing Flock in the Heathland area. 17th. Feb.
Woodcock At dusk, Kingfisher Pond and Green works caravan area.
Buzzard The Heathland, Monument Pond area, Beech Walk.
Green woodpecker (Female) Sat in branch of tree near the Heathlands.
Treecreeper Monument Pond area. Beech Walk.
Sparrowhawk 6th. Feb. (Male) In oak tree near the Viewpoint. 17th. Feb. (Male) Flew low over Dragonfly Pond. 28th.Feb. Displaying high in sky above Log Cabin.
Goldfinch Flock of 17 on alder tree, middle of Dragonfly Pond.

TOTAL 25 Different species




Brimstone butterfly. Red Admiral seen around the Lake and Log Cabin areas.


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