Log Cabin

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Looking like a dwelling in a remote North American forest, the Centre's attractive Log Cabin was constructed in 1996 using timber taken from trees in a conifer plantation just metres from the construction site.  Trees were felled, debarked and seasoned before construction using the American Full-Scribe technique.  This highly skilled task involved shaping each of the trunks so that they would sit accurately on top of each other and keep out wet and draughts.

Timber is an ideal renewable resource for the construction of buildings.   For every tree cut down, a new one can be planted for use in the future.

The main use of the Log Cabin is as an educational classroom.  Visiting schools can conduct practical and IT activities from the cabin.  Visitors at certain times can view wildlife on TV monitors using cameras set up around the Woodland Education Centre. Each nesting season wildlife webcams operate from the reserve. More information here.


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