Conifer Plantation

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A significant area of the Woodland Education Centre is covered by maturing conifer trees. 

These trees were planted close together and in rows some 40 years ago by the Forestry Commission who own the land.   This kind of planting encourages rapid, straight growth of the trees and helps prevent other tree species from competing with the conifers for space. 

Conifer trees are grown as a crop.  The timber they produce is used to make everything from furniture to paper and pencils.  Timber is a renewable resource.  This means that as trees are cut down for their timber, more young trees can be planted in their place.  This will ensure that there will always be a supply of timber for our needs.  Timber from this conifer plantation was used to make the Centre's Log Cabin, situated just a few metres away.   There are a number of different species of conifer tree present at the Centre.   These include Douglas Fir, Norway Spruce, Western Hemlock and Larch.


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