Maple Walk

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As well as the Maple trees which gave it its name, Maple Walk is home to Alder, Hazel, Oak and other trees.  The walk follows the course of the stream near the southern end of the reserve.  It is bordered in places by thicket including bramble and willow.  Where this dense undergrowth has been cleared, grasses and small flowering plants can grow. 

During the spring, parts of Maple walk are covered by an attractive carpet of flowering Wood Anemones. 

In the summer, Foxgloves send up tall flowering stems.  They rely specifically on Bumble bees to pollinate them.  In the grassy glades and verges a variety of butterflies can be found, while Beautiful Demoiselle damselflies are sometimes seen flying over the adjacent stream.  At the southern most end of Maple Walk, the path crosses a footbridge into Beech Walk.

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Above: Management of Maple Walk ensures the presence of wild flowers such as wood anemones.


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