Wildflower Verges

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Above: Hemp Agrimony, a plant favoured by many butterflies grows alongside one of the forest rides.

Alongside the footpaths and rides of the Woodland Education Centre grow a variety of wild flowers and other plants. 

Because the tracks pass by many different habitats on the reserve, the plants seen growing on the verges vary.  Soil composition, light levels and moisture availability all influence which species can grow.  Some of the plants growing here are food for the larva of a variety of species of butterfly and moth. 

On sunny summer afternoons Red Admiral, Small Tortoishell, Peacock, Marbled White and Speckled Wood Butterflies can all be seen flying along the verges as they seek out nectar and suitable plants on which to lay their eggs.

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Above: Fleabane, a plant which used to be burned in order to deter fleas.


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