Discover Wetlands!

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Test your knowledge with these exercises! Each of the exercises can be printed out. They are suitable for a variety of different age groups.
REMEMBER: You must print the exercises out as soon as they have been completed and

before you go to the next page. You cannot retrieve your work, once you have left the page.
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Kingfisher Jumbled sentence exercise. Click the words in the right order.
Freshwater Food Chain Use your mouse to arrange the food chain.ie5_logo.jpg (2484 bytes)
Freshwater & Woodland A food chain linking freshwater and woodland.ie5_logo.jpg (2484 bytes)
Dragonfly Lifecycle Fill in the gaps to complete the information.
Dragonfly Lifecycle Summary Fill in the gaps to complete the information.
Wetlands Memory Challenge Four multiple choice topics to test your memory.
Wetland A Creative Writing Exercise.


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