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Multiple Choice Exercise 1 - What is a wetland?

Click in the box next to the statement which you think is the best answer. If you change your mind, you can just click in the box again to remove the tick. When you have finished, you can print out your answers. Print before you leave this page or your answers will be lost.




Question 1.

A wetland is where the sea meets a river.

A wetland is a pond.

A wetland is the area in between dry land and still freshwater.

A wetland is on the surface of a pond.


Question 2.
The water depth in a wetland......

gets deeper as you move away from dry land.

is the same depth all over.

gets shallower as you move away from dry land.


Question 3.

Which answer best describes a wetland?

A wetland is a freshwater habitat.

A wetland is a still freshwater habitat.

A wetland is a saltwater habitat.

A wetland is none of these.


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