Discover Wetlands!
Creative Writing Exercise

wetdsk1a.JPG (42500 bytes)

Look at the picture above. It is the Wetland at the Woodland Education Centre. Write about what you see. Type into the empty box below and then print it out.

Try to be as descriptive as possible. For example, instead of writing "the leaves of the trees are green", you could describe some of the different shades of green of the leaves and the shape of the trees. Try to imagine you are really there. Is the wind blowing? What sounds can you hear? Is it hot or cold, sunny or cloudy? Think about all the plants and animals which live in and around the Wetland.

You can use the navigation bars to scroll down the page. IMPORTANT: When you have finished, print out your work before you go to another page or you will lose it.



Wetland Discovery Trail