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Offwell Weather Station Report
Location: The Woodland Education Centre, Offwell, East Devon, England

Sunshine at Offwell

This page is updated every 10 minutes and displays the current weather conditions at the Woodland Education Centre.  
Other pages include the 'Weather-at-a-Glance' and  previous weather records from the Offwell Weather Station.

Current Weather Conditions
The data below is a detailed analysis of the current weather conditions along with a brief explanation
of the terms used.  For more detailed explanations of the terms used, visit our weather glossary.


Wind Rain & Humidity Temperature
Dew Point Wind Chill Temperature Perception
Heat Index Air Density Barometric Pressure


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Previous Weather Data

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10MinAvgWindSpeed.gif (4493 bytes)
WindSpeed.gif (4373 bytes)
WindDirection.gif (4608 bytes)

Average wind speed (mph) during
10 minute period prior to listed time

Wind speed (mph) at listed time.
Highest wind speed during current
24 hr time period.

Wind direction at listed time



THW.gif (4475 bytes)
WindChill.gif (4558 bytes)

The Temperature-Humidity-Wind
(THW) Index uses humidity,
temperature and wind to
calculate an apparent
temperature that incorporates
the cooling effects of wind on
our perception of temperature.

Wind Chill (C) takes into
account how the speed of the
wind affects our perception of
the air temperature.  The
faster the wind blows, the
faster heat is carried away
from your body and the colder
you feel.



Rain.gif (4605 bytes)
RainRate.gif (5884 bytes)
MonthlyRain.gif (4743 bytes)
YearlyRain.gif (4387 bytes)

Total rainfall (mm) during
current 24 hr period

Variation in rainfall rate
during current 24 hr period.
Current rainfall rate.

Total rainfall to date during
the current calendar month

Total amount of rainfall (mm)
during the current calendar



RainStorm.gif (4240 bytes)
OutsideHumidity.gif (5622 bytes)
Storm rain is the amount
(mm) of rain falling during
the current period of
continuous wet weather. 
(Period starts with 0.5mm recorded rainfall and accumulates until ended by a continuous 24hr period of dry weather.)


Relative humidity (%) is the
amount of water vapour
present in the air expressed
as a percentage
of the amount of water vapour
that the air is capable of



OutsideTemp.gif (5501 bytes)
Barometer.gif (5881 bytes)
DewPoint.gif (5272 bytes)

Variation in air temperature (C)
during current 24 hr period.
Current air temperature (C)

Variation in atmospheric pressure
(hPa) during current 24 hr period.
Current atmospheric pressure.

Dew-point (C) is the
temperature to which air
must be cooled for
saturation (100% relative
humidity) to occur, providing
there is no change in water



AirDensity.gif (5032 bytes)

The Heat Index (C) uses the
temperature and the relative
humidity to determine how
hot the air actually "feels."
Bar chart shows the range
of heat index during
current 24 hr period and
the current reading.

Air density measures the
mass of air present per
unit volume of air.


Weather Contents



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