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Offwell Weather Station
Records from the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

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An automated weather station is situated at the Woodland Education Centre in East Devon, England.
The weather station records the local conditions including rainfall, air temperature, wind speed, wind
direction as well taking many more readings such as ultraviolet radiation, wind chill and dew point.

This page is updated every 10 minutes and displays the current weather conditions at the Woodland Education Centre. Other pages include more detailed current weather conditions and previous weather records from the Offwell Weather Station. More information about the location of the Centre and the weather station can be found here.


The Highs and Lows during the current 24 hour period
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Last 24 hours:
Last 24 hours:
Last 24 hours:
Barometric Pressure
Last 24 hours:
High Temperature

Low Temperature

---C   at  ----

---C  at    ----

High Humidity

Low Humidity

---%    at   ----

---%   at   ----

High Dewpoint

Low Dewpoint

---C   at   ----

---C  at   ----

High Wind Speed 0.0 mph   at   ----
Low Wind Chill ---C   at   ----
High Heat Index ---C   at  ----

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Today's weather in more detail


Previous Records


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