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The Trust runs the Woodland Education Centre - for information click here!


toadstol.JPG (30360 bytes) Articles
A selection of wildlife articles by various authors.

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Our Badger webcam runs during most evenings from the UK.  See the badgers emerge from their underground sett to search for food.
Small Skipper on Thyme Biosphere Reserves
An overview of biospheres, together with an introduction to the UK biosphere reserve of Braunton Burrows

Red Admiral

Pictures & information on a selection of the butterflies found at the Woodland Education Centre.
wpe26.jpg (301209 bytes) Bird Sightings at the Woodland Education Centre
A record of monthly bird sightings by a local expert.
wpe29.jpg (63876 bytes) Centre Newsletters
Archive of quarterly newsletters from the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust.
wpe33.jpg (10140 bytes) Conservation
Conservation is essential to maintain habitats and biodiversity.
2may01.JPG (46940 bytes) Decomposition
Series of pictures demonstrating the decomposition process, an essential feature of all life on Earth.

Cows.jpg (47221 bytes)

East Devon Landscapes - in images
The wildlife and countryside of East Devon in the Southwest of England.
Examiningtheforestfloor.jpg (10127 bytes) Education at the Woodland Education Centre
Details of educational facilities for all ages and abilities which are available at the Woodland Education Centre.
pond2.JPG (493168 bytes) Garden Ponds & Pond Making
Detailed information and advice for building a garden pond suitable for wildlife.
Sparrowhawks in nest Image Galleries
Browse our large library of wildlife and countryside images by subject.
x_search.gif (15502 bytes) Links
List of other organisations whose websites have an environmental theme.
wpe1D.jpg (107964 bytes) Maps
Maps of the Woodland Education Centre (some interactive).  Links to other maps.
23april.JPG (115253 bytes) Metamorphosis
Transformation of a tadpole into a frog, in pictures.
What is it? Mystery Pictures
Can you identify our monthly Mystery Pictures with a wildlife theme? Detailed answers are provided at the end of each month.
Interactive.jpg (76636 bytes) Puzzles & Quizzes
Jumbled pictures, crosswords, word searches, riddles, design-an-animal and more...
lympst2.jpg (218452 bytes) Restoration of habitats at the Woodland Education Centre
Restored wildlife habitats at the Woodland Education Centre are suitable homes to a large variety of British plants and animals.
wpe5.jpg (48515 bytes) Sampling
A detailed guide to the various methods of ecological sampling.
Toad.jpg (3263 bytes) Sound Clips
Listen to a variety of British wildlife sounds.
YoungSHp.jpg (38248 bytes) Sparrowhawks
Find out about these fascinating birds of prey, regularly seen at the Woodland Education Centre.  A nest webcam runs when possible during the breeding season.
wpe26.jpg (66783 bytes) Surveys
Plant and animal surveys undertaken at the Woodland Education Centre.
wpeC.jpg (18557 bytes) Teacher's Resources
Make the most of your visit to the Woodland Education Centre with pre-visit and follow-up resources.
Ex99Toad.jpg (272108 bytes) Toads
The Woodland Education Centre is an important breeding site for these amphibians.
GSnake.jpg (16696 bytes) Video Clips
Wildlife, farming, countryside management & habitat restoration.
Image06.jpg (172572 bytes) Virtual Reality View of the Woodland Education Centre
Explore the surroundings of the Centre's Log Cabin using our 360-degree pan-and-zoom virtual camera.
weather_station.JPG (72877 bytes) Weather Station Data from Offwell
Browse real-time and archived weather data from our automated weather station.

What's On

What's On
Latest information on events at the Woodland Education Centre.
badgcam.jpg (10970 bytes) Webcams
Observe the wildlife at the Woodland Education Centre.
dormou2.gif (49439 bytes) Wildlife
Information on a variety of plants, animals and habitats.



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