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Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

July  2009. Mystery Picture -  the eye and thorax region of a female Southern hawker dragonfly Aeshna cyanea

Dragonflies are insects which date back to before the days of the dinosaurs. Over 300 million years ago dragonflies with wing spans of three quarters of a metre flew in the sky above rivers and wetland. Today dragonflies and their smaller relatives damselfies, can be found around many unpolluted aquatic fresh water habitats. In Britain there are about 44 species. Most of these are resident although there are some migratory species.  They usually colonise slightly different niches or emerge at different times of the year.

More information on dragonflies

Unfortunately no one correctly identified the July Mystery Picture!   Many thanks go to everyone who took the time to have a guess!



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