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The Woodland Education Centre
The Heathland Restoration Project

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Ecological Survey 1999

This ecological survey, carried out in July 1999, reports on the annual changes which have taken place  on a 2 hectare site located in the Woodland Education Centre in Offwell, near Honiton in the county of Devon, South West England. The site is being restored to a lowland heath habitat.

The area was formerly wooded with a failed conifer crop and Sweet Chestnut, with an understorey of rhododendron. This was completely cleared in 1993. The area was subsequently divided into nine sections/strips. Different management techniques were assigned to the sections to test the resultant effects on heath restoration. Experimental management on the project site began in 1995. This survey report therefore describes the site 4 years after the beginning of the experiment.

Changes to the Heathland Restoration Project site have been monitored from 1996 onwards.


Heather (Ling) on the project site in 1999.


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Survey Reports



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This Ecological Survey Report has been written and published on the internet
through funding provided by the Awards for All grant scheme.