Birds seen at The Woodland Education Centre
June 2004

Records courtesy of Rosemary Tilbury

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Kingfisher in flight

Moorhen and chick


3rd. June

15th. June

26th. June
Coal tit Log Cabin area    
Long-tailed tit   Lake area  
Great tit Maple walk and fir trees Lake area  
Blue tit Maple walk and fir trees Lake area  
Dunnock Wetlands, near hide    
Woodpigeon Lake area and Maple walk    
Blackbird Most areas of reserve Wetlands  
Robin Maple walk and Lake area. Wetlands  
Wren Maple walk, Dragonfly pond area  
Chaffinch     Classroom, by Lake
Mallard Dragonfly Pond and Lake. Males and Females    
Moorhen     On Lake
Jay Pair, on ground, by classroom by Lake.    
Greenfinch     Green cabin
Chiffchaff Most areas of reserve Most areas of reserve
Bullfinch     In rhododendron bushes by green cabin
Nuthatch Beech walk Beech walk  
Goldcrest Mainly in Firs, different parts of reserve  
Mistle thrush Beech walk Lake area  
Song thrush Wetlands, near hide Beech walk. Green cabin  
Buzzard Lake area. Flew out of fir trees, Log Cabin area   Log Cabin area
Blackcap Most areas Most areas
Green woodpecker Log Cabin area    
Great spotted woodpecker Maple walk    
Swallow   Feeding on insects over Lake  
House martin Flying around Log Cabin    
Kingfisher On fencing alongside large beech by Lake. (Larger bird) On fencing by Lakeside Classroom.  


Butterflies, Dragonflies & Damselflies seen during June on reserve.

Brimstone, Small and Large White, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood, Small Copper, Common Blue, Large Skipper

Large red Damselfly, Common blue Damselfly, Azure Damselfly, Beautiful Demoiselle (Male and Female).

Dragonfly: Broad-bodied Chaser, (Male and Female), Emperor, (Male and Female)


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