Birds seen at The Woodland Education Centre
April 2006

Records courtesy of Rosemary Tilbury

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Male Pheasant  



Blackcap (Male) on holly tree by the Lake. The Heathland. Most areas of reserve.
Willow warbler By The Lake.( 8th.) Heathlands (21st.)
Treecreeper (3) Near main entrance.
Coal tit On fir trees by Log Cabin. Most areas of reserve.
Swallow Male ( long tail streamers), flying low over lake catching insects (8th.), other swallows flying heathland area.(21st.) 6 flying around works caravan.
Long-tailed tit Most areas of reserve.
Great tit Maple walk. Most areas of reserve.
Blue tit Maple walk. Most areas of reserve.
Marsh tit Tree near toilets.
Coal tit Fir trees near main entrance. Works caravan area.
Woodpigeon Flying over Heathlands. Most areas of reserve.
Blackbird Most areas of reserve.
Robin Most areas of reserve.
Wren Most areas of reserve.
Chaffinch Works caravan area.
Greenfinch Works caravan area. Wetlands near hide (25th.)
Mallard Male and two females on Lake. Female with 6 ducklings on Dragonfly Pond. Later moved to Lake.
Moorhen Two, on Lake. Dragonfly Pond. Monument Pond.
Rook Flying over Heathlands.
Jay Flew across path near toilets
Goldcrest Fir trees near main entrance. On fir trees by Dragonfly Pond.
Nuthatch Beech Walk.
Bullfinch Beech Walk area. On rhododendron bush.
Buzzard Beech Walk area. Log Cabin area.
Kestrel Flying over the Lake. Female perched on beech tree.
Sparrowhawk Flying high over the Heathland.
Great spotted woodpecker On dead tree by the Lake.
Pheasant Male and female on path near Dragonfly Pond.
Song thrush Beech Walk. On path near toilets, beak full of worms (8th.)
Chiffchaff Most areas of reserve.
Heron Flying over the Lake.

TOTAL 31 Different species plus Cuckoo heard at 4.15, 4.30 and 6.15pm, 21st. April, Lake areas then the Heathland.


Butterflies, Dragonflies & Damselflies seen during April on reserve.

(8th. April) 3 Comma butterflies seen on dead oak leaves, Monument Pond area.

Brimstone, male Orange-Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Small White.

Damselfly: Large Red


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