The Wetlands Restoration Project

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swwater2.jpg (37524 bytes) The original work programme received significant financial support from South West Water Plc.

UK Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

A grant was also received from the Department of the Environment (DOE now DETR).

The Forestry Commission provided a Civil Engineer and other technical support.
Nacro The labour for much of the initial clearance of rhododendron was provided by the Community Programme which was administered locally by NACRO.

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The publishing of this information is part of the Trust's "Discover the Countryside" programme which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and by East Devon District Council.

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Additional support for the publishing of this extensive report on The Wetlands Restoration Project has been received from the Pennon Group through the THE LANDFILL TAX CREDIT SCHEME. This also funded the comprehensive 2000 WETLAND SURVEY and its publishing.
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