Restoring Habitats for Wildlife

wpe2.jpg (44010 bytes)Heathland Restoration is being carried out on the western side of the Centre's steep sided wooded valley. Click here to access pages of information, photos, management details and biological surveys. There are species lists, samples of raw data as well as processed data which feature graphs, tables and charts.


wpe3.jpg (103787 bytes)A number of woodland habitats have been restored. Click here for comprehensive reports on one of the woodland restoration projects. This report features a baseline survey of a rhododendron infested broadleaved woodland together with photographs of the work in progress.


The Trust has created the Woodland Education Centre from an ecologically poor site. In 1986 the area was covered with dense sterile rhododendron.  A large number of  practical projects have restored broad-leaved and coniferous  woodland, rides, hedges, a lake, ponds, streams, wetland areas and an emergent heathland.


The Wetlands Reclamation project, one of the many projects, has provided a whole range of quality aquatic habitats.  As a result Dragonflies, amphibians and birds such as the kingfisher now breed on the reserve.  The surrounding woodlands have also been restored.


Following this restoration programme, a large number of species can be found throughout the reserve. Some of them, such as the dormouse and Ruddy darter are rare.  Surveys by specialists are carried out and the results are available. There are also detailed project reports.


The restoration which is ongoing, has involved a massive amount of  fundraising, planning and practical work.  For example it would have taken 3 years for one person to clear the leat and 40 years to have done just the manual work of the Wetlands project.  A video is available.



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