The Woodland Education Centre,
Offwell, Honiton, Devon UK

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The Woodland Discovery Trail

Hunting for minibeasts. The Woodland Discovery Trail is a unique, new, outdoor activity being offered at the Woodland Education Centre.

The activity is self-led and utilizes the revolutionary, hand-held Q3 Ranger computer system.The Trail has proved to be a popular choice used by many educational groups since its launch. 

Setting the Scene Q3 Rangers enable any approved person (teacher, classroom assistant or volunteer) to lead an expert, curriculum-based woodland exploration activity to a consistently high standard. The Woodland Discovery Trail can be delivered at different curriculum levels

No prior knowledge or training is needed and Q3 Rangers can be used by anyone.

Overview Your Q3 Ranger will guide you along a circular woodland route of about half a mile, stopping at activity points along the way to observe and explore woodland life.

You can view the activity overview which is presented on the Q3 Ranger at the start of the Trail here.

Food chains and life cycles. You will explore habitats, natural recycling, food chains and webs, different kinds of animals and life cycles.

Your Q3 Ranger will automatically provide you with directions and will also tell you where to stop and what to look for at each of the activity points. 

Learning through personal observation is a key feature of the trail. Learning through personal observation is a key feature of the Trail activities.

The Q3 Rangers stimulate enthusiasm, direct and focus attention and activity, while also allowing topics to be further explored in the field.

Millipedes Find weird and wonderful animals at different stages of their life cycles, discover voracious predators and their wily prey and observe the wonders of natural recycling at work as you explore this wonderful woodland habitat.

New! Woodland Discovery Trail for Years 1 and 2.

New this year!  A version of the Woodland Discovery Trail suitable for Primary Year 1 and 2 groups is now on offer.

Q3 Ranger Q3 Rangers are interactive, hand-held computers which display information using images, video, sounds, spoken audio and text. They are location-aware through an on-board GPS system, are robust and come in a variety of sizes. They are simple to operate and can be used by children as well as adults. 

Find out more about Q3 Rangers here.


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