The Log Cabin and main pond dipping area.

The Woodland Education Centre
Offwell, Honiton, Devon
EX14 9SW

The Lake Classroom.

Group Visits - Things You Need to Know

If you have booked a Trust-guided visit to the Woodland Education Centre,
you may find the following information useful in planning your visit.

The Centre is a Forestry Commission site managed in partnership with the Offwell Woodland & Wildlife Trust.

  • An educational visit to the Centre falls under Risk Category A:

    (Activities where the risks are considered to be the same as in everyday life: for example, coastal and countryside walks; visits to the theatre; sports fixtures and visits to the zoo .)

  • There is a telephone landline on site (01404 831881).

  • The Centre's facilities include two classrooms and toilets.

  • The Centre has a qualified first aider.

  • Emergency vehicles can access the site via a bridle path at map reference SY 192, 988
    marked West Colwell.

  • All staff carry two-way radios.

  • All areas are regularly inspected, however, group leaders should notify Trust staff immediately of any matter which requires attention or action.

  • All pond dipping areas are shallow and are suitably railed. Pond dipping equipment is provided.

  • Groups will be met by Trust staff at Offwell Village Hall car park, by prior arrangement.

  • Groups should be under the supervision and control of a responsible teacher or adult at all times (the 'group leader').

  • The supervision ratios for school parties should be as per LEA guidelines.

  • Responsible teachers /and or adults to remain on site throughout the whole visit.

  • There is a walk of approximately half a mile from the coach drop-off point. Access is normally on foot, but vehicular access can be provided for disabled visitors by prior arrangement.

  • The walk through Offwell village to the field gate which leads to the Centre, is along a quiet country lane. However, group leaders should ensure that their group is road safety aware. The group leader is responsible for the safe conduct of their party along the highway.

  • Group leaders are responsible for ensuring that all members of their group have appropriate outdoor footwear and clothing.

  • Group leaders are responsible for the general welfare of individuals in their group. They will have the opportunity to consult with Trust staff at all times.
  • Group leaders need to ensure that the members of the group are physically able to carry out the activities. They should advise the Trust if any member of their group has a medical condition which limits their ability to carry out the intended activities.
  • Group leaders should ensure that their group members have adequate refreshments. Consumption of food and drink should be confined to agreed areas and all rubbish should be taken home.
  • The Trust cannot accept responsiblity for visitors' property at the Centre. Bags and coats etc. can usually be left in an agreed area at your own risk, but all valuables of any kind should be carried on your person.
  • Adults accompanying groups are responsible for the behaviour of the individuals within their groups. All adults must be properly instructed as to their duties
  • Trust staff will exercise appropriate leadership skills and control, but are not expected to have to deal with individuals, or groups with rude, unruly, inattentive or aggressive behaviour.
  • The Trust will provide experienced, suitably qualified staff to lead activities.
  • The Centre is laid out with paths and tracks, but groups may go off the tracks to carry out activities. Group leaders are advised to familiarize themselves with the layout of the reserve by visiting the interactive map of the Centre.
  • Teachers are welcome to conduct pre-visits to familiarize themselves with the Centre, should they wish to do so.
  • Trust staff will be responsible for ensuring safe procedures are adopted within reason, while carrying out activities which they are leading.
  • Trust staff will organise the timing and coordination of activities with regard to the departure time, which has been agreed with the group leader.
  • Whilst visiting group leaders are primarily responsible for their charges, in the event of an emergency, where appropriate, Trust staff will take control and give direction.
  • Attention is drawn to the fact that the countryside contains natural hazards such as slopes, stones, uneven ground, mud, water, vegetation and insects. As with any other countryside area in East Devon, ticks may also be present, so individuals should take appropriate precautions. Ticks can carry Lyme disease. You can find out more about Lyme disease here*. 
  • Please show care and consideration for habitats, wildlife, other visitors and property at the Centre.
  • If you are unhappy with any aspect of a visit, please notify the Trust within 24 hours of the visit.
  • A CD-ROM containing a photographic record of the visit along with additional information and other resources, will be provided at the Trust's discretion. The Trust may use any images for promotional or educational purposes, unless instructed otherwise. Please note, where images are used for such purposes, individuals are not named.

The Centre is accessed from a footpath across a field. This is sometimes very muddy!



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