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Centre Director's Report

This piece of equipment means that video and any information stored on a computer, such as pictures, text or charts, can be displayed onto a screen in the same way as one would with a slide projector.

Thus, educational visits to schools and colleges will combine practical activities with IT. This will ensure the delivery of a varied and stimulating programme which can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

Visits to schools, colleges and community groups will be free of charge.

The other disaster to befall the Centre is a very physical one. There is the continuing saga of pollution cause by siltation and rubbish from an old landfill site which is about 300 metres upstream.

During the winter hundreds of tonnes of silt and flint together with some rubbish had been washed out of the side of the Landfill. This had completely filled the Centre's uppermost pond, Monument Pond, and destroyed Dragonfly Pond. The latter is located in front of the cabin and is the main pond study area.

This situation occurred despite repeated and timely warnings which were made to the Environment Agency by the Trust. Other organisations including the Forest Enterprise and Offwell Environment Link (OEL) had also written to the EA about this problem.


Disaster strikes Monument Pond - Again