Seed Dispersal Activity Sheet

Activity 1

Look at each of the pictures below and see if you can decide how the seeds are dispersed in each of these cases. What adaptations can you see to help the process of dispersal in each one? You can click on the answers to find out if you are correct or not or if you have printed out the sheet circle your answer. Print out the page and write in your answers for adaptations.

rosebay_willowherb.jpg (218896 bytes)

wood_avens2.jpg (195104 bytes)

umbell_seed.jpg (3494 bytes)

A (Note pencil tip for scale)


C (2mm long)

wind   water    animals   explosive

wind    water    animals     explosive

wind   water    animals  explosive




Adaptations: Adaptations:

service.jpg (275568 bytes)

wdsage4.jpg (165816 bytes)

enchant_nightshd.jpg (156468 bytes)




wind   water    animals    explosive

wind    water    animals    explosive

wind   water    animals    explosive




Adaptations: Adaptations:

Activity 2

Oak          Rose      Hawthorn      Field Maple      Elder      Cotton Grass 

Can you find out how the plants above disperse their seeds? All the answers can be found by investigating the information which is provided on this website. If you want to find out the answers this way, click here. You could also try to find out from nature books, or ask someone to help you. In the autumn why not go out to the countryside or local green space and find out by first hand observation?

Draw a picture of the seeds or fruits. What are the seeds or fruits called? How big are they? Why does the size of the seed make a difference to the way they are dispersed?

What features can you see that help them to be dispersed in this way?



Now try the Ranger's Puzzle Page if you haven't already done so.








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