Woodland Restoration Project


In squares 1, 2 and 4, the vegetation consisted almost exclusively of rhododendron, together with silver birch, oak, rowan and holly trees. There was no ground vegetation, with the exception of a few mosses (mainly Isothecium myosuroides and Hypnum resupinatum) found growing on stones and rocks in square 1. 



The rhododendron was at its greatest density and height in the region of square 2 (Fig.3). Only 6 species (including the rhododendron) were found in this area (Table 1), illustrating the dominance of the rhododendron.

The rhododendron was also very dense in square 1. However, it was much shorter than that in square 2 (Fig.3),despite the difference in growth form, which tended to be more upright and tree-like than elsewhere (Plates 6 and 7).

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Figure 3. Rhododendron density and height


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Plate 6. Dense horizontal growth of Rhododendron in Square 2. Plate 7. Tree-like growth-form of Rhodoendron in Square 1.