Air Temperature Experiment

By Timothy (Aged 8)


How Tim Helped in the Experiment

I helped to make the thermometer housing by helping to drill the holes in the plastic tube. I also helped by reading our thermometer and looking at the computer (reading the temperature at Offwell) and at the satellite pictures and talking about the experiment.


What Tim Observed

I noticed that the temperature changed during the day. It was not the same at Offwell as here in Cardiff. Sometimes the weather was cloudy and sometimes it was clear; sometimes it was rainy and sometimes it was sunny. When it was cloudy during the day, the temperature was cooler, but at night the cloud cover made it warmer.

It was usually coldest at 7am in the morning, because it was still dark. There wasn’t yet any sun to warm the air. It was usually warmest in the afternoon when the sun had warmed the air and the ground. The ground acted like a radiator and reflected heat to the air.

At Offwell, the temperature was higher than here in Cardiff. The Woodland Centre at Offwell is in a sheltered valley, protected by trees. The trees help to break up the wind, and they absorb the heat from the sun and they reflect it.



What Influenced the Temperature

The main things that affected the temperature, were:

-the amount of cloud cover,


-the shape of the land



What Tim Enjoyed Most

I enjoyed helping to make the thermometer housing, taking the thermometer readings (here and from Offwell), and running the experiment. I also enjoyed making the graphs and talking about what we saw.


29th October, 2002

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