The Marsh

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The Marsh is a very damp area adjacent to the stream and situated between the Wetland area and the Lake.   Kept constantly moist by water seepage from the stream and cool by the shelter of the tree canopy above, the area is home to a variety of moisture loving plants and animals.  The boggy soil is rich in nutrients and supports a dense ground cover of sedges.  Drainage is poor and moisture gathers into small "pondlets" in the marsh.  Both toads and frogs visit in the spring to spawn in these small pools of water.  Invertebrates such as worms living in the wet bog are an ideal source of food for birds such as snipe and woodcock particularly during the winter.  Most of the trees growing in the Marsh are moisture loving and include willow and alder.  Their root systems help to hold the wet soil of the marsh together.  The habitat in the northern part of the Marsh is similar to that of the Wet Woodland.

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