The Wet Woodland
formerly known as the Husk

The Wet Woodland is an important wildlife habitat situated at the western end of the Woodland Education Centre in Southwest England.   Wet Woodland is a natural habitat native to Southwest England that has soil with varying degrees of moisture content.  It usually has some standing water.  The habitat supports a range of moisture loving plants such as willow and alder trees, sphagnum mosses, sedges and rushes.  The Wet Woodland at the Woodland Education Centre is situated on a gentle east facing slope which is protected from the prevailing south westerly wind. 

Surrounding the Wet Woodland to the north and west is a large area of mature deciduous woodland, while to the east is an area of damp alder and willow carr either side of the Offwell Brook.  To the immediate south of the Wet Woodland lies an open area of restored heathland. 

The Wet Woodland Plant Survey

The Northern Stream Carr is a similar area of wet woodland and is situated nearby.  


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