The Leat Project

Dragonfly Pond

Dragonfly Pond is a small pond that was constructed as part of the Leat Project.  It is situated some 75 metres downhill from Monument Pond at the north end of the reserve.  Water from Monument Pond runs down the newly constructed part of the Leat and into Dragonfly Pond.  The outlet from Dragonfly pond flows into the reinstated old leat.


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Rhododendron clearance has been completed, and the new section of leat has been excavated and lined with geotextile fabric (centre of image).  Work can now begin on excavating Dragonfly Pond immediately below a weir (centre of image).


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Dragonfly Pond starts to take shape as thousands of tonnes of earth is removed with a swing shovel, leaving a small island in the middle.


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Dragonfly Pond was dug out and shallow sloping banks created.   These would make the pond suitable for a large range of plants and animals.   Shallow edges were also required to provide a suitable place for pond dipping activities during school visits.  Both the inlet and outlet from Dragonfly Pond was constructed using gabion baskets filled with stone.  This was designed to hold the banks together and help prevent erosion and water washing around the sides.


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