The Leat Project


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Closing the sluice gate at Monument Pond forces flood water to exit into the new section of Leat.

Flood water flowing through the new section of Leat.


The Leat Project is one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the Trust.  The value of the Leat Restoration can not be over emphasised.  No longer can storm water rage through the Centre's many delicate aquatic habitats.  With the control of the flood water the constant threat of siltation has disappeared and the future has been secured.

The Leat is a major feature in its own right.  It provides a tranquil half mile walk along the eastern side of the reserve's wooded valley.  The rhododendron which covered this part of the site will be discouraged from re-establishing itself.  Tree planting with indigenous species is planned.  However there will also be room for glades along the walk.  These are important for a range of plant and animal species, especially butterflies.

An access track to the north of the reserve was also provided as part of the project.  It runs alongside the Leat for much of the way.  This track has allowed the full potential of this part of the reserve to be realised.  The two new ponds are situated here.  Of these Dragonfly Pond has become the main area for pond dipping during educational school visits.  Following completion of the Leat Project, a new North American style log cabin was built overlooking Dragonfly Pond.   This building forms a centre for visiting groups and many wet weather educational activities take place here.  The Leat Project and the Log cabin have opened up a much larger area of the reserve to the public, including the disabled as well as able bodied.  


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The new Log Cabin classroom overlooks Dragonfly Pond, part of the completed Leat Restoration Project.  Note the newly established access track.


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The Wetland Area is now protected from damaging levels of siltation, following the restoration of the Leat.



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