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Fungi are: Bacteria Animals Plants None of these
Mushrooms or Toadstools are: The whole
living organism
Part of a plant Reproductive parts None of these
Fungi are important for: Recycling nutrients Fairies Mammal shelters None of these
To grow & survive fungi need: Sunlight Something dead or alive to live off Carbon dioxide None of these
Fungi reproduce by: Seeds Eggs Spores None of these
Fungi are: Parasites or Decomposers Herbivores Carnivores None of these
Fungi are made up of: Roots, trunk, canopy

(small threadlike structures) 

Calcium None of these
The largest single living thing is probably a: Whale Tree Fungus None of these
The number of macro (large) fungi in Britain is: Not many - 30 Quite a few - 100 Lots - 3000+ None of these