Fungi Activity Sheet

Activity introduction

Make a Note of:

10080116.jpg (9912 bytes) The Habitat - Where is it growing? In grassland, on the woodland floor, on dead wood or perhaps a living tree?
10130040.jpg (326560 bytes) The Size & Type - (small, medium, large).   Is it a typical mushroom or toadstool?  Is it a bracket type fungus often found on trees?  It may even look like jelly or coral, whilst others may have single erect stems.

10150018.jpg (9936 bytes)

The Colour - Fungi come in a range of colours including cream, red, orange, yellow, mauve and brown.
10080090.jpg (397005 bytes) Gills or Pores - If the fungus has a cap or it is a bracket fungus, examine the underside and note whether it has gills or pores. This is where the spores are produced.
10080005.jpg (355724 bytes)

The Smell - Fungi have different smells. Is it pleasant or unpleasant? Try and use one word to accurately describe the smell.

smalslug.JPG (7008 bytes)

Animals - Slugs, in particular like to eat fungi and some minibeasts live or shelter in the fruiting bodies of fungi. Has the fungus been eaten at all and can you see any animals on the fruiting body?