Birds seen at The Woodland Education Centre
January 2004

Records courtesy of Rosemary Tilbury

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9th January

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Bullfinches (2 male, 2 Female. Feeding on seeds from Ash below the Log Cabin)
Buzzard (In flight, over reserve)
Grey Wagtail (Dragonfly pond area)
Rook (Display flights, preparing to start nest building)
Mallards (4 Male, 4 Female, on lake)
Marsh tit (Monument pond area)
Sparrowhawk (Female, in flight over  lake area)
Sparrowhawk (male) by Dragonfly Pond

17th January

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Wood Pigeons (Flying over lake)
Raven (Flying over lake)
Long-tailed tits (Flock, feeding on various seeds, maple walk area)
Wrens (mostly seen lake area)
Chaffinches Great tits
Robins Blackbirds

25th January

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Buzzard (Very dark bird, perched maple walk area, not one I have seen before)
Goldcrests (Several feeding on insects etc. from ivy around trees)
Long-tailed tits (Dragonfly pond area)
Siskins (2 male, feeding on alder trees, Dragonfly pond area.)
Bramblings (Flock of 35 flew to Beech and Sweet Chestnut trees below green work caravan, about 4 p.m.)
Blue tits
Marsh tits
Coal tits


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