Birds seen at The Woodland Education Centre
December 2008

Records courtesy of Rosemary Tilbury

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Male Pheasant


Long-tailed tit On oak tree near lake. Wetlands, near hide.
Great tit On oak tree near lake. Wetlands, near hide.
Blue tit Near island.
Coal tit Log cabin area. (30th Dec.)
Marsh tit Seen near lake picking moss from oak tree (3rd. Dec.). Dragonfly pond area
Nuthatch Two males seen Dormice area.
Treecreeper Wetlands, near hide.
Goldcrest On fir tree near Log cabin. Monument pond area (26th Dec.)
Blackbird Most areas of woodland.
Redwings Flying low over heathland.
Brambling Eight seen on beech tree, heathlands area. (30th Dec.)
Chaffinch Green cabin area. Heathlands.
Lesser Redpoll Eating birch seed near viewpoint (3rd Dec.)
Siskins Eating birch seeds near viewpoint. (3rd Dec.) Log cabin (26th Dec.)
Robin Most areas of woodland.
Wren Most areas of woodland.
Dunnock Lake area and wetlands, near hide.
Bullfinch (Male and female) Log cabin area.
Goldfinch Two seen on birch, Beech walk area.
Raven Flying across lake.
Jay On same beech tree as bramblings, and Monument pond area. (30th Dec.)
Rook Flying over woodland.
Sparrowhawk (Male) Log cabin area (26th Dec.)
Buzzard Log cabin area.
Magpie Near dormice area.
Mallard One male, Kingfisher pond.
Moorhen Kingfisher pond.
Great spotted woodpecker (Male and female) Near wooden steps on way to Log cabin.
Green woodpecker Log cabin area.
Brent Geese Flock of 7 flew over lake. (11th Dec.)


TOTAL 30 Different species



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